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A Close Look at the Park Model with Superior Interior Design

Over the past few years, tiny homes have gained in popularity as more and more people embrace minimalistic living due to its environmental and financial benefits. The stunning Lil Lodges park model, which is a US tiny home builder and has appeared on the show ‘Tiny House Nation”, is a great example of how this trend works. The park model is a perfect example of a tiny house that offers comfort, style and functionality in a small package.

Park Models: A Concept

Understanding Park Models

Park models, unlike typical tiny houses on wheels are built to remain stationary once they have been set up. They resemble traditional homes. In many States and Provinces of the United States, and Canada, they are permitted and make great vacation or permanent residences. They are still transportable despite their static nature and can be transported from one location to another using movers.

The Appeal of Park Models

They combine mobile homes with the comfort and convenience of traditional houses. The park models can be installed in zones that permit RVs and Mobile Homes. They make great guest houses and temporary housing.

Lil Lodges Park Model – Inside

Exterior Features

The Lil Lodges park model has a front porch and side entrance with sliding glass doors. This is perfect for adding an additional deck and living area to the unit. This porch is pre-built to eliminate any worries for buyers when they receive the model.

Interior Design

Its interior is equally impressive as the exterior. The high ceilings, along with the ceiling-high windows that extend above the French door leading to the porch, create a spacious and airy feeling. In the living room, built-in shelves surround a stone-encircled fireplace. A television is positioned above it to provide a cozy and inviting environment.

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Kitchen Amenities

A well-equipped, spacious kitchen with a large dining island is located adjacent to the main living space. It has a large stove with oven and fridge that includes a dispenser of water.

Bathroom and bedroom features

The bathroom at the rear has a shower system with a spa, and the bedrooms have high ceilings that allow for larger beds to be placed comfortably.

Lil Lodges park model gives a peek into what tiny homes can be. Its thoughtful design, quality finishes and practical features show that comfort and style do not have to be sacrificed in order to fit into a small space. The tiny house movement is inspiring for anyone considering it.

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