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Woodland Shell Log Cabin, priced only $37,000, looks beautiful inside!

Imagine the tranquility of a serene home, seamlessly blending with nature. The Woodland Log Cabin from Coventry Log Homes is a sanctuary of comforting rustic charm with modern functionality. It offers a living experience both luxurious and authentic. The Woodland Log Cabin by Coventry Log Homes is exactly what you get. This log cabin is priced at $37,000 and adds elegance to the wild, creating an atmosphere of warmth that will captivate any visitor.

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Coventry Log Cabin: A Quick Overview

Let’s get to know the creators of this log cabin before we dive into its details. Coventry Log Homes in New Hampshire is a building company owned by Jim Elliot. The company, which has been in business for over 20 years, has become a household brand.

Coventry Log Homes has over sixty log structure models. They cater to all budgets and tastes. Coventry Log Homes’ portfolio goes beyond just homes, including sheds, garages and even additions to existing houses. The mill offers a virtual tour for prospective buyers to explore log home designs and witness construction first hand.

Woodland Log Cabins: A closer look

Coventry Log Homes Cabin Series includes the Woodland Log Cabin. The Woodland Log Cabin is a beautiful blend of beauty and simplicity, perfect for those who are looking to escape on a weekend or have a smaller home.

The log cabin is 1140 square foot and has two bedrooms. It also includes one bathroom. The additional loft can be used for a variety of purposes, including accommodating guests or setting up an office.

The cabin, despite its size, can sleep comfortably up to six persons, which makes it a great choice for families with small children or friends.

Kitchen layouts are customizable to meet the needs of homeowners. A living room with wooden walls exudes comfort and warmth, making it a great place for socializing or relaxing.

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Enjoying the Great Outdoors

The charming patio is one of the most striking features of this log cabin. The patio allows the homeowners to enjoy nature in the comfort of their own home. The patio is a tranquil outdoor oasis, whether you are enjoying your morning coffee or relaxing after a busy day.

Its design makes this cabin versatile, as it can be placed in any location, such as a woodland, on a lake or even in a mountainous terrain.

Why Living in a log home is a Good Idea

A log cabin like this one has many benefits. The logs’ natural ability to regulate the temperature makes these homes comfortable and energy efficient throughout the entire year.

The logs can also act as natural air cleaners, filtering out harmful toxins. It results in a better indoor air quality that benefits health and wellbeing of residents.

Coventry Log Homes’ Woodland Log Cabin embodies rustic living. This log cabin offers a perfect blend of functionality and style while still being affordable. It allows owners to live a country lifestyle without giving up comfort. This log cabin is a great value at just $37,000. It offers a comfortable and enchanting living environment.

If you are looking for an affordable weekend retreat, small house, or investment property, then the Woodland Log Cabin may be what you need. It’s a great opportunity to consider with its affordable price, charming design and modern amenities.

A home is more than a house; it’s an expression of your lifestyle. The Woodland Log Cabin is as charming as the surrounding wilderness.

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