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Country Girl’s Paradise: Exploring the Dreamy Grain Silo Guesthouse

The Grain Silo Guesthouse is a unique abode in the middle of Texas that captures imagination and country spirit. Amy Kleinwachter of Old World Antieks designed this unusual dwelling to show off the creative potential of salvaged material and modern design.

Dream Guesthouse: From Grain Silo

Amy Kleinwachter is an avid antique collector and enthusiast of architectural pieces. She stumbled upon a round 14-foot grain silo in La Grange, Texas. She saw its potential and envisioned turning it into a guesthouse for her 10-acre ranch.

Salvaging is an Art Form

Amy wanted to use salvaged materials for the construction of her guest house. Judy Kurtz helped Amy sort her inventory of salvaged materials. They achieved their goal despite the difficult task of creating circular patterns. The guest house was 1,000 square feet and included a front porch, a bathroom/bedroom extension, as well as a front door.

Rustic Chic is the new trend in living areas

Amy’s attention to detail and her love of antiques are evident throughout the guesthouse. In the living room, there are mismatched leather sofas, a table that has been bleached, and an old champagne box turned footrest. Together, these pieces create an inviting and cozy space.

Repurposing Office Space with a Purpose

Old signs are repurposed as floating tables in the workplace. Amy encourages buyers to ask about the history of their old signs and their materials in order to verify their authenticity.

Preserving history in bedrooms

The master bedroom mixes historic preservation and modern comfort. To ensure their safety, materials sourced in an old Texas house have been sealed and treated. A queen-sized mattress dressed with new linens creates a welcoming space.

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Picker’s Paradise in the Bathroom

Amy considers the bathroom a place to show off her skills in choosing. The rustic appeal of the bathroom is enhanced by every little detail.

Enjoy Bartering Beauty for Wall Decor

Amy was able to barter with an Etsy seller for a decorative sign. The whimsical piece is a great addition to any guesthouse.

Windows: Maximizing Natural Light

Finding windows to fit the dimensions of the silo while still allowing for maximum natural lighting was an unusual challenge. Amy found the right set in her collection to add to the charm of the guesthouse.

Add depth and definition with metal awnings and ornate headers

Awnings made of metal and headers with intricate carvings give the guesthouse a more rustic feel. They not only add to the aesthetics, but they also help define the area.

Front Porch: Country Living in the Fullest

Amy Kleinwachter, an alarm clock in the shape of a chicken and a front porch with Amy Kleinwachter incarnate country living. This is the ideal spot to enjoy the tranquil surroundings of this guesthouse and its peace.

Grain Silo Guesthouse represents more than a home; it is a testimony to the power of reclaimed materials, and the charm of rural living. The Grain Silo Guesthouse is a source of inspiration to those who are willing to think outside the box and dare dream.

Source: Country Living

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