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Step Inside: The Most Beautiful Log Home in Pennsylvania!

A log home nestled among the rolling Pennsylvania hills, north of Pittsburgh is a place that exudes old-fashioned charm. Hochstetler Log Homes created this beautiful log home that is both rustic and cozy.

Designing a Home to Fit Your Lifestyle

This log house’s owners had only one aim in mind. They wanted to build a home which would promote a laid-back, relaxing lifestyle. The McKay plan by Hochstetler was the perfect design to help them realize their vision.

McKay, The Perfect Log Building

McKay was a great choice because of its large, open space. They decided to modify the design in order to make it more personal. A large master bedroom was added with an ensuite bath and the laundry conveniently located near it. A breezeway connected the main house to the garage, creating an easy transition.

Rustic Aesthetic – Embracing it

The log house is constructed from eastern white pine measuring 6 inches by 12 inches. It features a bevelled square profile. This log home was stained Gentry Grey, with a Medium Grey Chinking. Its rustic look is enhanced by this stain.

Protecting Your Log Home

Log homes are unique and blend in with their surroundings. However, to keep them looking good they require special maintenance. Here are a few tips to help protect your log house from the elements.

Battle Against Rain and Snow

A log home’s worst enemy is rain. You can still protect your log home by making sure that water is properly drained away. Install gutters which have deep overhangs. Also, make sure that decks and walks are designed for water drainage. Cleaning, staining, and sealing the logs regularly can help to protect them from snow and rain.

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UV Rays Protection

Sun UV rays may cause the logs to decay. Porches and overhangs should be placed on the north and west sides of your log house to protect it.

Shield Against Wind

Caulk, logs and chinking can dry and crack faster when exposed to wind. Consider planting trees in the corners at southwest and southeast to reduce wind damage. Also, make sure that you place the log house in an area that’s not subject to strong winds.

This Pennsylvania log home is an example of the rustic beauty that can be found in a house. The Pennsylvania log house is a great example of how rustic charm and modern comforts can be combined to create a beautiful home. Log homes are a wonderful option for anyone who loves the outdoors or enjoys a relaxing lifestyle.

More information about this story can be found at: Hochstetler Log Homes

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