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The Ultimate Getaway: A Journey Inside a Tranquil Cabin in the Woods

In the Scottish Highlands’ Craigbreck Wood, a cabin offers a peaceful escape from daily stress. Cabin nestled among private woodlands, yet just a 10 minute drive away from Inverness. This cozy cabin offers high quality facilities in a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The Cabin Design: A Closer Look

Log cabins constructed from cedar logs have beautifully handcrafted interiors. The wood is known as an ancient, aromatic hardwood with beautiful characteristics. It’s a great choice when building log homes. Cabin design features a double bedroom, king-size bed, with an ensuite shower, sink, and toilet. On request, an additional twin bedroom can be made into a King.

Open Plan Living is the Future

A spacious living area, complete with a kitchen and dining space, is available for your stay. A wood-burning fireplace is the focal point of this living room, which will help you stay warm in those colder winter evenings.

Alfresco Dining & Hot Tub Relaxation

The cabin also has an outdoor veranda that is furnished and perfect for al-fresco dining. The cabin also has a hot tub, barbecue and other amenities that allow you to take in the beauty of nature.

Cedar Construction is Durable and Beautiful.

The primary wood used to construct the cabin has several advantages. The wood thrives in humid environments, does not warp, swell or shrink with the weather, and is highly resistant to decay. Due to its porous structure, it also absorbs sounds.

Natural Insect Repellent

Cedar oil repels insects, such as termites and mosquitoes.

Aesthetic Appeal

To bring out cedar’s natural colours, a clear coat can be applied to enhance its beauty.

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Moisture Resistance

Cedar wood has a higher resistance to moisture than other wood types, due to its polyphenols and natural oils.

The structure is strong and stable

Cedar wood’s structure is stable, strong, and resists moisture. It is therefore suitable for indoor saunas, as it can handle high humidity levels.

The rustic charm of this cabin is combined with modern comforts to create a tranquil retreat. This cabin is constructed from beautiful and durable cedar wood. The cozy atmosphere it creates will be perfect for those seeking peace and quiet.

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