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The Dreamy Log Home with a Wraparound Porch!

Most people want a place that offers peace and comfort as well as an escape from their daily routine. Southland Log Homes’ Carson Log Home is a perfect example of this. Its impressive design, and its stunning features, provide an idyllic escape.

Log home with wraparound porch

Rustic Charm – Embrace the Rustic Charm

It is the rustic charm of log houses and their connection with nature that makes them so appealing. Carson Log Home goes a step further with its design, which seamlessly blends indoors and outdoors.

Southland Log Homes

Southland Log Homes has a reputation for excellence in craftsmanship, and is known to pay attention to every detail. They are all beautifully designed and come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet different preferences.

Carson Log Home boasts a total of 1,207 sq. ft. of floor space, spread across two floors.

Log home with wraparound porch floor plan

Log home with wraparound porch plan

The Inside of the Carson Log House

Its practicality and charm make the Carson Log Home stand out. A wraparound porch is included with windows all around, providing a view of the surrounding area.

On the main level, you will find the Master Suite. It offers privacy and comfort. On the second floor, you will find an additional bedroom as well as a bathroom with en suite.

It is ideal for families who have children, as the house has plenty of storage and includes two bathrooms.

This log home is notable for its thoughtful design. Each aspect of this house was carefully crafted to make sure that all the homeowner’s needs are within easy reach.

Carson Design: More than a Design

Southland Log Homes has a wide range of designs for log houses, including the Carson. These are designed to suit different tastes and requirements. Southland Log Homes offers a variety of log home designs to suit your needs and preferences, whether you are looking for a smaller cabin for getaways on occasion or a large house as your main residence.

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Live a Sustainable, Eco-friendly Life

It is beneficial to the home owner and the environment. These homes use natural materials, which means fewer chemicals in the environment and healthier living conditions.

Southland Log Homes adheres to environmentally-friendly design principles that promote a sustainable future.

The Carson Log House is an example of the charms of rustic, simple living. Its well-thought out design and stunning features offer a great escape from modern day life. If you are looking for a place to retreat from the world or live permanently, then this log house is perfect.

Carson, designed and made by Southland Log Homes

Aza Hofman
Aza Hofman
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