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Revolutionizing Family Living: Two Tiny Homes Connected by Sunroom and Deck

A new concept in the world of architecture has gained attention. It consists of two houses that are linked by a sunroom, deck and a patio to make a large family house. Viva Collectiv created this innovative concept that challenges conventional notions about what a “family home” should be. This design shows how tiny homes can house more people than couples and individuals.

Two 24 Tiny Houses Connected by Sunroom

This concept: two homes, one family

This unique design consists of a pair of tiny homes that serve different purposes within a family. In one home, the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are for parents, while in the other, the house is intended to meet the needs of children. Two structures, connected via an open sunroom and deck area to create a common space for activities and family events.

Two 24 Tiny Houses Connected by Sunroom

Double Tiny Home Benefits

The dual tiny house setup has several benefits. One of the biggest advantages is that it offers a level of independence and privacy not often found in traditional homes. The mini-homes can be tailored to suit the needs of each family, giving everyone a personal space.

This model encourages a more simple, minimalistic lifestyle while maintaining comfort and functionality. The model shows that families can enjoy all the advantages of tiny homes, including lower maintenance and environmental impact.

Two 24 Tiny Houses Connected by Sunroom

Maximum Space and Functionality in the Design

These tiny homes, which are compact in size, have been designed to maximize functionality and space. This design features a long hallway around the entire house to create an illusion of more space. By strategically placing the bathroom and kitchen in the same house, the living area can open up onto the patio. This creates a feeling of space.

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Two 24 Tiny Houses Connected by Sunroom

Sunrooms and Decks: Bridging Gaps

Sunrooms and decks are essential to this dual-home setup. These two spaces act as an interface between the indoor and outdoor areas, integrating both seamlessly. While the sunroom is a great place for family time and relaxation, the deck provides the perfect spot to enjoy outdoor dining, games, or just soak up the scenery.

Two 24 Tiny Houses Connected by Sunroom

Tiny House Nation receives public recognition

It’s not surprising that this unique home for a family has been noticed. The home has been featured in “Tiny House Nation,” an acclaimed television program that examines the world of tiny houses. Tiny House Talk comments indicate that this two-house compound is perfect for a young family. This validates the validity of this residential model.

Innovative solutions, such as these two tiny houses that are connected via a deck and sunroom in a constantly-changing world of housing requirements, are helping to usher in a new age of family life. These tiny houses prove that, with some creativity and thoughtful planning, they can accommodate families just as well as individuals or couples. More people will embrace tiny living in future, and we’ll see even more innovative designs.

Two 24 Tiny Houses Connected by Sunroom

Source: Viva Collectiv

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