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Buy Your Dream Cabin on Amazon for Just $18,800

Today, e-commerce has expanded beyond just books, electronic devices, and clothes. Online property sales are now possible. Amazon offers a small cabin for only $18,800. It’s not just a home; this is a space that’s versatile and can be used as a guesthouse, vacation cottage, office or rental.

Property Purchase in the New Age

Real estate is undergoing a major paradigm shift. Amazon now offers a log-home building kit that can be ordered and delivered right to the construction site. The innovative design combines traditional charm with convenience.

Understand the Lillevilla Allwood cabin

This package comes with a wooden 292-square-foot cabin. A loft is included in this compact, yet highly functional space. It can be used either as an area for sleeping or storage. This cabin was designed by Lillevilla, an established company known for their products that are sold all over Europe. It is testament to the commitment of this company to both quality and function.

What’s included in the Package?

This package includes everything you need to construct the cabin shown in the picture, even the patio. You’ll be able to use more of the space inside your home with a patio such as this. Consider setting up an outside couch along with a table for an outdoor living room, or an outdoor dining area to enjoy meals al fresco.

Construction Details

The kit includes floorboards with a thickness of 16mm and roofing materials with membranes. Individual shingles and roofing material can be ordered separately on the website of this company. Cabin materials include storm rods that are embedded into the wood to provide stability and resistance against climate change. This package contains complete logs with windows and doors, along with all of the necessary bolts, screws and nails for construction.

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Construction Permits and Installing

Contact your local housing authority before you start building your cabin to determine if a permit is required. Structures smaller than 400 sq. In general, structures smaller than 400 sq. You can also hire an installer if you are not comfortable building the system yourself. It is easy to do with some help.

Making Your Cabin Cozy

After the cabin has been built, it is possible to hire a professional installer who will install all utilities. This can make your home cosy and comfortable. You may need to insulate your cabin if you live in a colder climate. Insulation is dependent on the foundation. For non-insulated buildings, ventilated slabs are best.

Prepare for your Arrival

The foundation must be prepared before the log cabin package arrives. Hire a contractor to do this on your land. It is important to seal the cabin immediately following construction, as it has untreated wood. Paint the inside, doors, windows and wood with a suitable log and wood paint.

Personalizing Your Space

You can make your cabin more inviting and homey by adding personal touches. You can use your imagination and style to transform this cabin.

Source: AMAZON

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