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Shipping Containers as Tiny Houses: A Sustainable Backyard Solution

We must reuse and recycle materials whenever possible in an age where sustainability is vital. The principle is applicable to both everyday objects and construction materials. Shipping containers that are traditionally used to transport goods from North America into North America can be used in a unique and innovative way to create affordable living space.

Ship containers as living spaces: A concept

These containers are versatile and can be used for many different purposes. The sturdy containers can be converted into offices, sheds, coffee shops and, most impressively of all, houses. Not only is this a new concept, but it’s also a viable solution to promote recycling while offering an alternative housing that can be affordable.

Back Country Containers – Pioneers of Container Homes

Back Country Containers is a company founded by Jon Meier. Meier was an engineer and entrepreneur with a love of problem solving. Meier had lived in tiny houses and loved the experience. He saw that shipping containers could be used as inspiration to build homes.

It’s a 20-foot Container!

Meier, his wife Kristen and their container began the journey with one 20-foot shipping container that they transformed into their very first home. The combined engineering and decorating skills of Meier and his wife Kristen led them to create a beautiful house. The response encouraged them to start a business that builds perfect container houses.

Build Customized Blocks

Shipping containers can be customized in a similar way to Lego blocks or Lego. Combining 40-foot-long and 20-foot-long containers allows one to create larger homes tailored to specific needs. While based in Texas the company is open to traveling, so that its unique homes reach as many people as possible.

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Comfortable Construction: Insulation and construction

Back Country Containers builds all homes on concrete blocks or piers and sprays closed-cell insulation. The house will always be at the same temperature, no matter what the outside weather is.

Alternatives to Grid-Connected Plumbing and Electrical Systems

After installing plumbing, you can hook up your home to the city’s water supply. For those who prefer a lifestyle off-grid, grey water systems are also available. While it’s still possible to use the grid’s electricity, there are other options.

You will get a cozy and modern home

A converted shipping container provides a modern and cozy home. It has a large living room with fireplace and a kitchen fully equipped with stainless steel appliances. Barn doors separate the bedroom from the bathroom. Addition of rooftop terrace and a front deck makes outdoor living more enjoyable.

Future of affordable Housing

Conclusion: The transformation from a shipping box into a backyard tiny house not only represents an innovative solution for housing, but it is also proof of the possibilities of recycling and reused materials. Such initiatives, as we strive to achieve sustainability in our housing policies, will play a key role.

Building by Backcountry Containers.

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