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The Ledgewood Log Home: A $135,900 Log House with a Stunning Wrap Around Porch

Log homes are a symbol of peace and tranquility, rustic charm and warmth in the middle of wilderness. Ledgewood log home stands out for its beautiful design and elegant aesthetics. The log house is unique because it has two gabled roofs, a dormer at the middle and two gabled roofs.

Ledgewood Design

Ledgewood log homes are available in 1,728 sq. Three bedrooms are included in the Ledgewood log home, which is 1,728 square feet. A loft and cathedral ceilings can be found on the lower floor. The focus of the design is to maximize natural lighting, and the dormer has a major role in this. These carefully chosen logs are expertly laid and give the house a nice texture.

A bathroom is located on the first floor. The second level houses a large open kitchen and living space. On the second floor, there are two more bedrooms as well as another bathroom. Cathedral ceilings add grandeur to the house and make it feel airy.

Price and package deals

Ledgewood Log home construction packages can range between $59600 and $119650. Pricing varies due to the customisation options that are available. This allows homeowners to customize their log homes according their preferences and budget.

The process of choosing a log house goes far beyond being enthusiastic about the concept. Financial planning is required, along with thoughtful decisions. You should consider your budget when you are considering buying a log home.

Selecting the right log home

In choosing the right log home for you, there are several things to consider. Budget is first and foremost. The budget will help you find a home within your price range. If you can’t afford a luxurious log home, don’t get sucked into the appeal.

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Size and room features, like a cathedral ceiling or fireplace, are also important. When your budget’s tight, you may find it difficult to fit in all of your preferred features. Consider doing some of the work yourself. For example, you could build decks or patios.

Coventry Customized Log Homes

Coventry Log Homes has a range of log houses, including the Ledgewood. They offer a variety of log options that can be tailored to any taste, style or budget. Coventry Log Homes has five log homes models to choose from: Craftsman Series, Cabin Series, Timber Frame Series, and Tradesman Series.

They are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit varying lifestyles, needs and budgets. Coventry can design a cabin that is compact or one with a large timber frame.

The Building of a New Log House

It is important to consider your preferred style when building a new log house. Important factors include the types and numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms and flooring. Document what is essential for your log home, and then choose features that match your lifestyle.

Ledgewood Log Homes offer the charm and comfort of log home living while retaining the rustic appeal. Coventry Log Homes’ elegant design and customization options make it a great choice for anyone looking to create a comfortable, serene living environment in the middle of nature.

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