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The Rustic Interior Trend: Why People Love This Old Cabin

A rustic log cabin nestled in America’s heartland has won the hearts of many. The 1800 hand-hewn, single-room log cabin has been a favorite getaway among families looking to escape the city.

Cabins: An Overview of Their History

The cabin, which was renovated in 1946 and used telephone poles for support of the middle beams is a testimony to the creativity of the builders. This cabin has a loft that is unfinished and a bunkhouse for additional sleeping.

The cabin is currently for sale and represents a piece of history which has been preserved with care by the owners. They have added modern amenities for permanent use but they made sure that the cabin’s charm remained intact.

Rustic Conveniences with Modern Features

It has brand-new vinyl windows and insulation. The roof is made of steel, with a lifetime warranty. There is also a new 200-amp electrical panel and plumbing using pex pipe. A sump in the bathroom completes this cabin. It only takes minutes to winterize the cabin.

Natural Wonderland: The Surroundings

The George Washington National Forest surrounds the cabin in Augusta County. It is located within the Shenandoah County. The cabin is surrounded by miles of trees, and the wildlife thrives. It’s a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Pure Chimneys regional park, which is located near, displays the amazing geology of Western Virginia. It is home to formations created by the shallow waters of an ocean that existed eons ago. The park is also an excellent place to see a wide variety of bird species, such as the American goldfinch and American robin.

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North River and Abundance of Wildlife

Rainwater keeps the North River flowing, which attracts a wide variety of birds including herons and waterfowl. In the park you can also find a wide variety of butterflies including pearl crescent, eastern tiger or spicebush.

Grand Caverns, A Natural and Historical Treasure

Grand Caverns, located nearby, offer something to everyone. This is the perfect place for anyone who loves history, birds, running, or nature. The park has many trails for hiking, biking and climbing. It is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. There is also a miniature golf course, a playground with modern equipment, and beautiful fishing spots.

Grand Caverns was opened in 1806. Both Confederate Troops and Union Troops visited the cave during Civil War. The cave has been home to more than 200 Civil War signs, which makes it an important historical site.

Rustic Cabins are Charming

The rustic interior of this cabin and its long history offer a blend that is unique in terms of heritage, nature and comfort. This cabin’s ideal location is surrounded by the best natural attractions. The cabin will be a great choice for those who want to have a bit of history with the conveniences and amenities that we enjoy today.

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