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Mastering Off-Grid Living: Building an Underground House in Just 15 Days

Dream of building your own home, living close to nature and off-grid? With the right method, this might seem impossible, but is totally possible. The guide will walk you through building an underground house of logs in only 15 days.

Finding the ideal location

First, you need to choose the best location in the forest where your cabin will be located. Take into account the terrain, resources available, and proximity to water. It is important to choose a location that offers you the safety, convenience, and natural beauty which you are looking for.

The Logs and Base

After you have chosen the perfect location for your logs, prepare them. This video shows you how to quickly cut logs and place them in the right order. Wear gloves when cutting to avoid slivers.

This is important because the base will be the foundation for your underground cabin. The base is the basis for the underground cabin.

A Partially Buried Surface Has Many Benefits

The ability to partially bury your log cabin is an advantage, especially if you live in a climate with harsh conditions. This protects from frosty evenings, ice, and snow. It is the same for stored food and crops.

Thanks to thermal inertia, the temperature of buildings that are partially buried will equal the average temperature of local air. It means that the temperature inside buildings remains constant, regardless of sudden changes in external temperatures.

Building Your Underground Log House

The construction of partially-buried buildings is simple and produces immediate results. The thermal mass in the subsoil provides heat and shields these structures from cold conditions.

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The underground log home can be used for many purposes. The underground log house can serve as a cozy home, a stable to keep animals or a greenhouse for plants. All of these applications can be benefited by the constant temperature on earth.

Underground Buildings: Cultural Importance

The technique of partially building underground is nothing new. Since ancient times, many cultures have used this technique because of the constant earth temperature.

Modern society is once more appreciating the resilience and sustainability of these structures. As a result of Hurricane Sandy for instance, these structures are being appreciated once again.

A 15-day underground log cabin might appear to be a difficult task. It is possible with the correct tools and guidance. It’s not only a great way to experience nature but also enables you to benefit from its natural thermal properties.

For more details about this story, visit: YouTube – Alex Wild Life

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