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Fall in Love with the Custom Barn Home and Its Breathtaking Wraparound Porch!

Barn homes are unique in their blend of rustic appeal and modern conveniences. A customized masterpiece, the Ponderosa Country Barn is one such jewel.

Sand Creek Post & Beam: Crafting Dream Barn Homes

Sand Creek Post & Beam, based in Nebraska, specializes in creating stunning barn home kits that offer homeowners the freedom to design a house that truly reflects their personality. These homes have a beautiful and strong timber frame post-and beam construction. They are also very structurally sound.

Ponderosa Country Barn House, A Rustic Masterpiece

Ponderosa Country Barn House is two-story wonder measuring 40 by60 feet with a cellar. The 10ft wraparound porch is its most prominent feature, which allows you to enjoy the scenic views of mountains. The open living/dining/kitchen area on the main floor features a stone fireplace and a stone bar area, adding a touch of rustic charm.

Bedrooms and a sitting area are upstairs. This Colorado barn style home can be customized to meet your requirements, as either a lakehouse, permanent residence or loft apartment.

Enjoy the Strength and Beauty Full Dimension Rough Cut Wood

Sand Creek Post & Beam uses full dimension six inches by six-inch rough cut wood in all their barn home kits. Norway pine and Ponderosa Pin are preferred for building barns because they have a good grain pattern.

It gives the house a more rustic look, inside and out. This adds charm to your home. They are also easy to mill and work with.

Build your Dream Home with our Customized Barn Home Packages

One of the key features of Sand Creek Post & Beam is their customizable barn home packages. Pre-cut kits simplify the building process. Kits include everything needed to build a house, except for the nails, siding, shingles and foundation.

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The houses can be designed in a variety of ways. The basement can be either complete or partially built into a barn.

Ponderosa Country Barn: The Rustic Charm of a Barn Home

The Ponderosa Country Barn House by Sand Creek Post & Beam represents the perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. With customizable barn home packages and a variety of designs to choose from, Sand Creek Post & Beam makes it easy to own the barn home of your dreams.

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