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Heartland Treehouse: Offering Unique Getaways in Langlois, Oregon

Nestled into Langlois, Oregon’s lush vegetation is an unexpected yet unforgettable getaway experience: Heartland Treehouse hosted by Superhost Kean on Airbnb is an idyllic retreat for anyone seeking an escape from city living and the comfort of nature.

Built in benches for all day lounging

Ideal Retreat in Nature

The Heartland Treehouse embodies all that is pure about natural living. Offering stunning treetop views from its one-bedroom dwelling, the Heartland Treehouse allows its guests to embrace nature at its purest form in complete comfort and serenity.

Side by Side Tubbing

Comfortable Living in the Treetops

The Heartland Treehouse provides the ideal blend of rustic charm and contemporary comfort, featuring tastefully furnished bedrooms complete with cozy beds for restful night’s restful restful restful. Additionally, there’s a fully equipped bathroom so that all basic needs will be taken care of during your stay in this treehouse.

Two long flights of stairs gets you there

Enjoy an unrivalled Experience of Tranquility

Experience nature at its purest when you step inside Heartland Treehouse and relax in its luxurious outdoor hot tub on its outdoor deck, offering guests an oasis of soothing comfort among the treetops. Here, guests can bask in its warmth while gazing upon its starlit skies or listening to forest sounds at nightfall.

The living area is an intimate sanctuary, boasting large windows to let in natural light while its wooden interior adds charm. Additionally, guests will appreciate a comfortable seating area complete with bookshelf for their enjoyment as well as an inviting wood-burning stove that adds warmth and atmosphere to this woodland haven.

Heartland Treehouse Offers Adventure For the adventurous traveler, Heartland Treehouse provides the ideal blend of adventure and comfort in one unforgettable stay. Just steps from hiking trails through Oregon greenery or beaches teeming with sea life await – both making for memorable outdoor experiences that bring comfort into nature’s lap.

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Kitchen and Dining Amidst the Trees

Heartland Treehouse features a charming and fully equipped kitchen designed to satisfy all of your culinary needs during your stay. Equipped with modern appliances like refrigerator, stovetop, oven and coffeemaker; guests are free to prepare meals whenever desired! A charming rustic wooden table and chairs provides the ideal spot for breakfast or romantic dining under Oregon forest canopies!

Simple and Cozy

Enjoy Nature At Its Best

But the Heartland Treehouse goes far beyond its walls to offer guests an unforgettable experience of nature first-hand. An expansive outdoor area invites them into its fold for direct contact with nature; guests are drawn outdoors via private decks that provide peaceful spaces perfect for sunbathing, yoga classes and simply unwinding with books; during evening hours there is even an inviting firepit offering cozy fireside chats under a starlit sky; for the more daring it even offers nearby hiking trails that let guests discover all Langlois has to offer!

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Experience our exceptional hospitality with one of our Superhosts

Kean is honored to be honored as an Airbnb Superhost – this designation recognizes his dedication and hard work providing exceptional hospitality for his guests. From an effortless check-in experience and prompt communication channels to prompt cleaning service. Kean ensures every aspect of your stay will be treated with the utmost care.

Heartland Treehouse is built from wood that we milled ourselves, from our forest.

Unforgettable Experience in Store

At The Heartland Treehouse in Langlois, Oregon, Kean’s exceptional hospitality combined with this tranquil treehouse ensure your visit will become a memory to be treasured long after it ends. Enjoy watching sunrise from a private deck while cooking breakfast in your treetop kitchen; embarking on an invigorating hike through surrounding woodland; sharing stories around an inviting fire; or just telling tales beside an open flame are moments worth cherishing in nature’s glory – every experience here should be treasured as its gift by nature itself! Your visit won’t soon forget Kean’s exceptional hospitality or his serene treehouse environment make your trip worthwhile in Oregon – enjoy!

Big views on your drive up Langlois Mountain

Explore Langlois Oregon to Discover Its Splendors

Heartland Treehouse in Langlois, Oregon boasts an abundance of natural beauty and outdoor activities for any visitor to enjoy during their stay. Hikers looking to traverse trails can explore them freely while nature lovers will appreciate bird-watching or simply bird-spotting as part of an enjoyable stay here.

A comfortable, open air vaulted toilet is nearby

Relax in an Attractive Environment

The Heartland Treehouse provides more than accommodation; it creates an experience. Imagine awakening to the sound of leaves rustling gently underfoot; having breakfast amid lush vegetation or stargazing at dusk from within your treehouse! These unique experiences make this property truly memorable.

Separate from the home with a lovely view.

Home Away From Home

Though rustic in appearance, Heartland Treehouse does not lack in modern amenities. Offering all essentials needed to feel right at home in nature’s beauty. Thanks to thoughtful touches and attention paid to detail throughout, your stay at the Heartland Treehouse will not only be comfortable and memorable.

the Heartland Treehouse offers an unrivaled blend of rustic charm, contemporary comfort, and exceptional hospitality – perfect for romantic getaways, solo retreats or peaceful vacations amidst Langlois Oregon’s serenity. So book now to experience its magic for yourself.

Your very own, very private place.

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