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The Cozy One-Story Log House with Wraparound Porch!

The timeless appeal of log homes is unmatched in terms of architecture. The log houses have a blend of rustic appeal and modern conveniences that create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The Cheyenne, a single-story log home, has made waves with its design and accessibility.

One story log house

A One-Story Home Has Its Charm

Many people find living in a one-story home appealing. This option offers greater mobility and less maintenance without sacrificing on living space. One-story log homes like The Cheyenne are ideal for those who want to avoid stairs. The Cheyenne model is 2,408 square feet and has a bedroom, a bathroom, a garage, a second bedroom, a third, and two-and-a-half bathrooms all located on the same floor.

One story log house floor plan

Layouts that are open: the Cheyenne’s design

Open layouts are beautiful. The Cheyenne is no exception. This seamless transition between living space, dining area and kitchen promotes communication and togetherness. The open plan is popular with homeowners because it promotes a feeling freedom and space within the home.

One story log house interior

Wraparound Porches: The magic of a wraparound porch

The Cheyenne has a wraparound covered porch that features cathedral ceilings. The wraparound porch is a great outdoor area to enjoy a coffee in the early morning, or watch the sunset at night. The cathedral ceilings of the porch enhance its aesthetics, giving it a rustic feel.

One story log house interior

Real Log Homes: A Pioneer in Log Building

Real Log Homes has over 50 years experience building log houses. It is one of the most trusted names in this industry. Its commitment to quality and customer service is unmatched, which makes it an excellent investment. Real Log Homes log homes are not just comfortable, but they also help create memories for a family that will last a lifetime.

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One story log house interior

Home Interiors at their Best: Beautiful interiors are the heart of a home

The interiors of your home are crucial in creating the personality. The Cheyenne’s interiors are characterized by warmth, coziness and a unique sense of comfort. A blend of rustic appeal and modern amenities transforms the house into home.

The Cheyenne is a great opportunity for a one-story log home. The open plan and the beautiful interiors make it a great combination of aesthetics, comfort and functionality. The Cheyenne is a great choice for anyone looking to build a home for their family or for someone who wants a quiet retreat.

Real Log Homes There are several designs available for the Cheyenne log homes model.

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