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Tour the Spectacular $16,348 Log Cabin That’s an Amish Masterpiece!

Amish Log Cabins are a shining example of affordable and sustainable living. Amish Log Cabins offer an affordable blend of modern comfort and rustic charm.


Amish Log Cabins: A Popular Choice


Amish Log Cabins use logs from sustainable planted trees. The approach ensures durability, longevity and environmental protection. It’s an embodiment of the age-old adage – living in harmony with nature.

Comfortable and Affordable

These cabins are affordable, but they don’t compromise comfort. These cabins offer a warm and inviting living area, ideal for anyone looking to get away from the city. Cumberland Log Cabins allow you to enjoy duplex living at a fractional cost.


How to transform a cabin kit into your dream home

Amish Cabin Company provides assistance

Amish Cabin Company will help you convert your cabin kit to a real home. The Amish Cabin Company offers valuable advice, and provides all necessary information for you to help with this process. The company will help you with everything from calculating the shipping cost to understanding how to build your home.

Customizing Your Space

The flexibility of these kits makes them very attractive. It is up to you to personalize the interior according to your taste and requirements. It’s up to you whether you want a rustic or contemporary aesthetic. Create a space that is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality.


Virtual Tour of the Amazing $16,348 log Cabin

Exterior Appeal

Exterior of cabin has a rustic appeal that blends in seamlessly with the natural environment. The durable log construction ensures durability while the decorative details give the structure character.

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Interior Comfort

The cabin is a cozy and welcoming space. This open floor plan creates a spacious feeling by connecting the dining and living areas. Ample windows provide ample light and enhance the cabin’s cozy ambience.

Bedrooms and Bathroom

Cabins are equipped with two bedrooms of a good size that comfortably fit queen-sized bed. Though compact, it is well-equipped with the necessities.

Amish Log Cabins are a sustainable and affordable housing option that doesn’t compromise on style or comfort. You can turn a cabin kit, with the Amish Cabin Company’s help, into the home of your dreams. Not only is it about having a house, but also about living a sustainable lifestyle and embracing nature.


Source: Amish Cabin Company

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