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Unbeatable Deal, The Hunter Log Cabin at Just $16,158

Finding a sustainable and affordable living option in today’s fast-changing real estate market can be difficult. But the advent of affordable log cabin kits, such as the Hunter Log Cabin available at $16,158 is revolutionizing housing.

Affordably Sustainable and Affordable Living

Hunter Log Cabin kit is an incredible deal for those who are looking to live a sustainable and affordable lifestyle. The cabins range in size from 10’ by 14’ for $5.885 all the way up to 12’ by 32’ for $14.813. They offer ample space and are ideal for anyone looking for a simple life.

Hunter Log Cabin Design

The design of this cabin is an open concept, with space for bunks but no separate bedroom. This large kitchen features a seamless island that blends seamlessly into the room. Although the cabin is not equipped with a bathroom built in, an outhouse can be easily incorporated into the plan.

A large deck is located at the cabin’s front, and another smaller deck can be found at its rear. Both are ideal for enjoying the beauty of nature while entertaining friends or family. The cabin is well lit despite the few windows. This creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Log Cabins – Embrace Nature

Imagine being woken up by the natural sounds and sounds of nature, in a forest. The Hunter Log Cabin is perfect for either permanent living or recreation. The log cabin kit is a great way to get back to nature, and to live in a more simple lifestyle.

Healthier Living with Natural Materials

Many modern standard homes use products made by humans, such as drywall. These contain potentially hazardous chemicals. The log cabins on the contrary, use renewable materials and promote a healthier air. These log cabins act as air filters that remove toxic pollutants and chemicals from daily air.

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Durability and Legacy

These log cabins can be passed down through generations and are an investment that will pay off for the future. They are timeless and can also be handed down from generation to generation.

Trusted Cabin builders: Wayside Lawn structures

Wayside Lawn Structures of Columbiana in Ohio offers an affordable range of log cabins. One such model is the Hunter. They have gained a reputation for offering affordable cabins and building superior cabins. The company also offers a variety of storage cabins, sheds, patio furniture and lawn/patio accessories.

Hunter Log Cabins offer a great deal to those who are looking for a more affordable, healthier and sustainable way of living. The Hunter Log Cabin is a popular choice for its unique design and log construction.

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