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Step Inside Cheekwood’s Compact Marvel: The 383 Sq Ft Tiny Home

The 383 sq. The tiny house, measuring 383 sq. This unique dwelling is an example of modern architecture and sustainable living.

Tiny Houses: A Conceptual Design


Inspired by the Swan Ball, an annual event with a formal dress code that raises funding for Cheekwood Estate Gardens and Estate, this tiny home was built. This tiny home’s launch marks an important milestone for eco-friendly living and architecture.

The Masters

Huseby Homes is the company that created this house. Craig Huseby founded it, and Nichole Huseby co-founded it. This was the company’s first foray into the tiny house market, despite having worked previously on bigger projects like penthouses and farms. This project was a learning experience, but it has been rewarded with a spectacular result.

Small Homes: Their Aesthetics & Features


Originally, the design was that of a small saltbox. It underwent a number of transformations, which each added to its charm. Sherwin Williams Orange White creates a welcoming and warm exterior.

The interior

The high vaulted roofs, which merge the dining and living areas, make the home feel spacious despite its size. The high-end custom cabinets and appliances improve the functionalities without compromising aesthetics.

A loft is located on the upper level, which can accommodate one room. The bathroom is accessed via a small corridor. The plans also include an addition of a room measuring 10 by 12 feet, which will maximize the space.

Unique Features

This tiny home on wheels is different from most others in that it has a window and door both on the front and the back. It was designed so the wheels of the trailer could be accommodated during the move. Builders raised the trailer platform above the wheels to allow for large sliding doors that provide access on the side instead of from the front or the back.

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Materials and Light Natural: Embracing the Light and Materials of Nature

Design of tiny house emphasizes the use of natural light. Dormers in the front and back illuminate the living area as well as the loft. Jennifer Whisenant, interior designer at Noble Johnson Architecture for this tiny house, explained their intention to bring nature inside. Nichole Huseby and the interior designer for this tiny home, Jennifer Whisenant, worked together to incorporate various wood types, natural colors and textures, as well as different materials and textures, in order to achieve an organic look.

This tiny home of 383 sq. The 383 sq. This tiny home is a testimony to their potential, showing that they can be luxurious and functional despite the size.

You can find more information about this story at: Huseby Homes

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